Friday, August 28, 2009

Time Line Reversal

Here are some sketches from the last couple of pages of the sketchbook I just finished. I left the book at work and didn't get a chance to scan a few in until now.


  1. man these are getting better and better!

    out of curiosity, what kind of clean up are you doing when you bring it out of your book?

  2. For the most part, what I post is in my book, except for this page. I took some drawings from several pages to make it.

    These are all done in ballpoint, so there isn't much cleanup. I just run 'auto-levels', and then tweak the levels again to get the blacks right. That said, by adjusting the levels I prevent you from seeing the occational white-out I use in my book :)

  3. I love the style of these. Reminds me of the James Bond comic strip books I have. Neat!

    One of these:

  4. Oh man, Yoroslav Horak is a master. I appreciate the sentiment though :)

    You should *really* check out Modesty Blaise done by Jim Holdaway. I tend to favor it over the Bond stuff, even though it's hard to choose sometimes. I can't post a link for some reason, but search it on Google or Amazon.

  5. HA! That's funny... actually, I sold all the Modesty Blaise Books I had and only kept a few cool Bond books (Not all of Bond's were cool). But I know what'cha sayin. (^_^)