Monday, September 28, 2009

A Big Pile of Sketches

These were done in my usual places like Emeryville Food Court (probably has an official name), The Westfield in SF, Bodega Festival, and a good figure drawing session in a studio in the Mission.

My materials are a home made sketch book with animation paper, a ballpoint pen, brush pen, and some white out every now and again.

Please note: if you are using Firefox, and looking at the large version of an image, click on it just to make sure the magnification is at maximum. If it's just a few pixels off, the images look really blurry.


  1. Ah thanks for the comments. These are awesome!!
    Mine was inspired by your works, the 007 books and a book I recently picked up (Thanks to the B-Day gift card you guys gave me)called How To Draw Noir Comics. Pretty neat book. I really like that type of sketch.

    Again, this compilation here in this post: AMAZING!

    More please.

  2. Dang Big pile of awesomeness! U r much better at this than I am! Loose and good!

  3. Man, nice to see you before you bailed north. Good luck on your new endeavors...


    ...and do post more awesome art! ~Cheers!!