Monday, January 20, 2014

First Drawing of 2014

I've been super busy helping to get our new company ATOMJACK off the ground, but I snuck in a little time for the first personal drawing of the year. It's a spaceship...surprise! I've made a vow to overhaul and streamline this site this year. Maybe something even simpler than blogger. Or at the least, a folio site with a blog embedded. Suggestions?

Just so you know, my lack of posting here in the last couple of years was intentional. All the sketches that would have gone up here, I reserved for my printed Sketchbook volumes 2 and 3, which you can find on my store to the right. I wanted to give more value to buyers of the books where they wouldn't feel ripped off by buying the exact same thing as they would see here for free. Ultimately, I think this was a bad decision both for viewers and myself. From now on, I'll try to post more work, and still put out a nice book for those that like a hard copy. Which should be about all three of you.  

Anywho, I wish you all a Happy New Year! 


1 comment:

  1. Nice ship! And the new company sounds exciting! Love the art on the AtomJack site already!