Monday, June 22, 2009


This was a heavily modified sketch that started out in my book. Again, it was unplanned and was executed entirely in ink, and as no surprise didn't turn out how I wanted. So I brought it into Photoshop, edited, re-inked and redrew some parts, sprayed some color over it, and here ya' have it.


  1. Damn! This is really cool.I like the lines, colors and scale. More please! And since we are on the outer worlds vehicle subject Do you have the book "Cosmic Motors"?'s published by Design Studio Press, find it cheap on Amazon. It has all kinds of cool vehicles (though one looks like SWEp1 Pod Racer ripoff). Still pretty neat.

  2. Thanks Lluch. Much appreciated.

    I haven't seen that book yet, but the link looks pretty cool. The only concept design book I've gotten recently is this one:


    Other than that I filled out my complete run of Moebius 1-0 by Epic (Marvel) that came out in the early 90's. I think it's pretty obvious that man made a huge impression on me.

  3. very cool, but I think u could do a quick temperature adjust to give it a more obvious time of day/mood..

    very cool

  4. Thanks for the suggestion Jim. Give the new one a gander. You might have to hit refresh, but that would actually be better for you so you can see the change more clearly.

    I was going for more of a 'uneasy' early to mid morning. So I changed the hue of the colors a bit with a hint of desaturation.

  5. your unplanned execution is pretty sick!...with photoshop magic run amok nowaday, its nice to see that someone takes time to draw from ink. great stuff.

  6. yes, i like the foggy morning feel..very nice!