Friday, July 3, 2009

Starship Sketches: Part 4

Imperial Inspection.

This image is a continuation of my recent themes and working methods. I used .25 Pilot Ballpoint straight to my book, no pencil. I did some minor line cleanup and correction in Photoshop, and added color. Perhaps I'll do some character work next, but I have to admit, starships are a ton of fun.


  1. ah! excellent...very nice shapes. and I love the color style. We must keep that spaceship fix going man! character works r overrated ;)

    have a good 4th!

  2. I agree with Pat. This ship fest must go on. If you need a character just draw a tiny one next to the massive ships. That should do.

  3. very nice..I hope the intergalactic plant passes inspection..those imperial inspectors can be hardasses

  4. Spectacular work, they were a source of inspiration for this latest work that I am developing in 3D, "Santal_05, congratulations once again!