Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Send in the Troops

Here's the latest in the line of unplanned ink sketches. This was done with the trusty old .25 Pilot ballpoint, with my Pitt brush marker for the line thickness. However, all the of the sketch was not done at the same time, or on the same page. I started doodling out the troopers first. They take up an entire sketchbook page (hence the unplanned part). I wanted to put them in some sort of context, so I did the ramp and the rest of the scene on another page, and assembled it all in Photoshop. I also resorted to a Cheap Trick (tm), but I think it adds some extra depth the scene needed.

Too Jin-Roh/Stormtrooper/Vader? Answer: Yes.


  1. nothing wrong with Jin Roh...Vader and Stormtrooper. might as well be inspired by the best. You could have been inspired by AVP u know.

    and oh might as well stop planning from now on! :) great work!

  2. Damn... how did I missed this. Your page always take forever to load on my browser... I probably clicked on the first post before all other loaded. Anyhow, this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! More please.

  3. Yeah, it's my damn host. It's in Canada. I don't know if that's why it's slow or not.

    I guess I should think about switching.

    But thanks for the compliments!

  4. hey there's nothing wrong with AVP..except pretty much everything..

    anyways, nice stuff...yea sometimes you make up for originality with awesomeness..which u have here